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15×23 “Thought Criminal” Cast Read.
“SVU Behind the scenes: My view.. Cast script read through at lunch” - Picture courtesy of Ice T.

Look at this cuties smile

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B E A U T I F U L! ❤️ #mariskahargitay #mariska #hargitay #Rish #beautiful #girl #happyday #instapic #photoftheday #photoshoot #TheHamptons #myangel

Lmao she’s flipping the bird lol

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My baby looks so handsome! It’s my favorite adjective to describe Olivia

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I can screw you harder.


I can screw you harder.


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Between Thursday, April 10, and Friday, April 11, I had the “theory heard round the world” in the SVU fandom. :-D

Not only did Warren & Kevin re-tweet it in what appeared to be a show of confirmation, but then Pablo clinched the deal by quoting it with the statement: “Nailed it…”

Also, Pablo’s mom retweeted his tweet. So I’ve got approval from her as well.  ;)  LOL!


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That look screams “why did you interrupt our impromptu make out session? ” especially the way Alex’s shirt is open

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Mariska Hargitay - #LastDance

I love you bby

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My baby my poor baby

I have been thinking this same thing

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Freedom To Love Necklace

This beautiful sterling silver necklace was designed by Prodigy Pictures for Lost Girl. It was Lauren’s gift to Bo, thanking her for giving her the freedom to love. Featured in the Season 4 finale, it is inspired by the Labrys necklace, a symbol of female strength. Quantities are extremely limited, and each necklace will come with an autographed photo from Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer.

Thanks, anon, for the heads up!

I want!